Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Delicious Diva- Take One

So....as I'm sitting here day dreaming of the jerk chicken and potatoes I made last night that I could not eat for lunch because my honey decided he would come and take me out to stuff my face with burgers and fries instead of home cooked goodness (thanks honey), it occurred to me that I love talking as much as I love cooking. What better way to incorporate both than with a blog? (Actually Jessie gave me the idea last week and I finally got around to it)....Here we are......I never knew that I had a passion for cooking, but I have always had a passion for food. EATING it, that is...sucking a curry goat bone until I could get nothing out but air, swallowing forkfuls of Aunty Buntin's macaroni pie, stealing pieces of ham before it was brought to the table for Christmas dinner. I am a closet fatty, and I am damn PROUD of it. Calories, carbs, a little jiggle in the middle be damned! ( I got a little fat but, my baby told me he likes it like that). One of my favorite quotes is "I'd rather die happy than hungry". Growing up, my aunt was always the cook. She loves to feed people more than she probably loves taking pictures, and if you know Aunty Buntin, you know she will pose on a stretcher on the way to the emergency room. My mom, on the other hand, shows her love with boxes and boxes of whatever HSN or QVC is selling at the moment (thanks for all the jewelry mom....and the light up juice fountain...best thing EVERRRR!!!! I love my mommy).......My decision to get into cooking goes hand in hand with my decision to date someone who was not American......I am extremely proud of my West Indian heritage, but some of those yardie, vincy, tricky-dadian men.....LAWD HAVE MERCY...dem lie, dem cheat, dem cheap.....ok, ok, getting off topic...SO...I found a GREAT guy who adores me, respects me, and wants me to be happy. He is honest, generous, faithful, and......wait for it.....GUYANESE......WTFFFFFF???? How did THAT happen? He also comes from a family of great cooks, so obviously, "can you cook" is one of the first questions he asked. "Sure", I said (if Kraft mac and cheese and Chinese wings are what you mean).....of course, i didn't say that out loud....Anywhoo, I started cooking. And guess what? I realized that I LOVE it, and I am GOOD at it! Who woulda thunk it? I define my cooking style very much like I define the way I live my life, good girl for the most part, but I can be BAD.....that means that I love looking up recipes, glancing at them, then just doing what I want to do anyway. Lea, my right hand man (by man, I mean lady) will testify to that. I love using spices and adding an unexpected thing or two to the basics....My ultimate dream in life is to own a catering/event planning company and I know that if that is also God's wish for me, he will certainly provide. I hope you guys stick around and add your friends to this blog...I'm going to share recipes, advice, and just my thoughts about life, love, and food (because they go hand in hand, right?) Signing off until later!
Yours Truly, 
Delicious Diva (and you heffas better not steal my name because I will find you).
Love you!

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